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Terra Explorer Dial

Crown Position

After re-working on multiple prototypes of an explorer dial specifically for Seiko models while trying to preserve the unique characteristic of an explorer face, we have finally decided on this design.

The Terra Explorer possesses a glossy black enamel finish that alludes opulence. A 3, 6 and 9 numerals aligned with the outer track indices to compose a visually wider watch face. Furthermore, the characteristic numerals are filled with 100% Swiss Super-LumiNova® BGW9 emitting a long-lasting blue glow, like the hour markers.


Made exclusively for us with quality assurance by ISO 9001 Certified manufacturers.


Seiko SNKL23 modified with (i) BGW9 Terra Explorer Dial, (ii) BGW9 Polished Silver Mercedes Hands, (iii) Double Sided Blue AR Sapphire Crystal on (iv) Brown Vintage Italian Calf Leather StrapSeiko SNKL23 modified with (i) BGW9 Terra Explorer Dial, (ii) BGW9 Polished Silver Mercedes Hands , (iii) Double Sided Blue AR Sapphire Crystal  on (iv) Brown Vintage Italian Calf Leather Strap
    1. Quality Swiss Production Quality, ISO 9001 Certified
    2. Dial Diameter 28.5mm
    3. Surface Finish Glossy Black Enamel
    4. Beveled Indices Color Polished/Mirror Silver
    5. Track Indices Color White
    6. Logo Color White
    7. Lume Applied Inside beveled indices
    8. Lume Type 100% Swiss Made Super-LumiNova® BGW9
    9. Lume Color Blue (In the night), White (In the day)
    10. Lume Duration Up to 8 hours depending on charge
    11. Fit Crown Either 3 o'clock or 4 o'clock crown position (Selection required)
    12. Fit Movements 7S26, 7S36, 4R15, 4R35, 6R15, NE15, NH25, NH26, NH35, NH36
    13. Fit Models SNK803, SNK805, SNK807, SNK809, SKX007, SKX009, SKX011, SKX013, SKX015, SKX017, SNZF15, SNZF17, SNZF19, SNZG13, SNZG15, SNZH55 and more
    14. SPECIAL To fit SKX013, SKX015, SKX017 models or 7S26-0020 cases - Must be paired with our customised SKX013 Chapter Rings
    1. 1x Watch Dial

    All photos of watches with modification parts are for illustration purposes only and are not included with modification parts purchased.

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    2. BGW9 Polished Silver Mercedes Hands
    3. Brown Vintage Italian Calf Leather Watch Strap
    1. A Complete Guide On How To Mod Your SEIKO Watch Dial And Hands (Includes Photos & Video)

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Using this mod part for: Seiko snk361
Finished mod

Great beautiful dial. Lume is fantastic also.

Thanks for the review Mike! Glad you love the dial! =)
Using this mod part for: Seiko 5 snk model haven't decided which yet
My dog ate my dial

Thanks for providing a great product and great service. My dial arrived and was destroyed by my dog however the seller was really sympathetic and communicative. Thanks Adriel!

You're welcome Mike! Always happy to help. I am sure your dog had a fun time as well! =D
Using this mod part for: SKX007
Excellent build quality!

Just wanted to leave a 5 star review for Lucius Atelier's Terra Explorer dial and handset. Excellent quality, lume is nuclear and the applied indices on the dial are top notch. Shipping came pretty quick from across the globe too! Would definitely buy from again.

Thanks buddy! Love to see your completed mod! =D
Using this mod part for: Classic 36mm sterile Explorer case.

Great quality dial and hands. Packaged really well and lume is superb.

Wow! Awesome base watch for the mod!! Love it!
Great quality!

Lume on the dial is great. Applied markers are well finished too!

Excellent quality and service

I have modded 4 Seiko watches to date, having purchased components from almost all the major players (DLW, Yobokies, Dagaz, Aestus, MotorCity WatchWorks, etc) and I have to say, Lucius Atelier is the cream of the crop! The Terra Explorer dial is absolutely beautiful... the enameled dial gives adds that little extra bit of sophistication that has people do a double-take when they look at the watch... it's a great way to wear something like a Rolex Explorer, until you can get a Rolex Explorer!

The most impressive part of Lucius Atelier is their customer service, thus far. Every manufacturer of Seiko mod parts is a pleasure to work with, but my package was sent registered mail, which means a mailman actually needed my signature to confirm delivery. Living in the US, my biggest frustration has been the shipping process from Asia, as I have had an order lost before, so this extra detail was very much appreciated. Everything was meticulously packaged in individual plastic cases, more than other manufacturers have provided. Additionally, there was a cute handwritten note and some extra goodies in the package, like finger cots and a laser pointer! Either way, it shows that Adriel of Lucius Atelier truly cares and is someone worth doing business with! Even though the components are priced with a premium, the quality of the work makes it worth it! (I also purchased the Mercedes Benz hands in polished silver - spectacular!, along with a black leather band... not bad for $20USD)

Hey Daniel! Thank you very much for your compliments! We do our best since we love what we do. I am so glad you love the dial and experience along with it! Oh and the laser pointer, it actually functions as a UV torch as well, but I guess you already figured that out Once again, a sincere thanks for the review and support!

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