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Bespoke Designs

Lucius Atelier manufactures and supplies highly customised and bespoke design of mod parts and whole watches.


List of Materials

  • Licensed usage of Swiss Super-LumiNova®
    Entire range of luminous pigments from C1, C3 to BGW9, Old Radium, etc.
  • Licensed usage of Swarovski crystals
    Hundreds of dimensions and various degree of cutting/reflections.
  • Exotic materials
    Meteorite, Mother of Pearl, Japanese Washi paper, Damascus steel, Blue Steel, etc
  • Precious metals
    From 999 silver to 24k pure gold and platinum.
  • Precious gemstones
    Diamonds, lapis Lazuli, malachite, jadeite, etc.
  • Grand Feu Enamel / Vitreous Enamel


Minimum Order Quantity

All listed quantity are based on per design/colour.

  • Bezel 200 pieces
  • Chapter Ring 200 pieces
  • Dial 100 pieces
  • Hands 200 sets
  • Whole watch 100 pieces



Quotation are dependent on the following:

  • Complexity of manufacturing process
    From multiple stages of complex dial production to labour intensive gemstones setting, etc.
  • Materials
    From 316L stainless steel to 24k pure gold. Various grades of luminous pigments, etc.
  • Order quantity
  • Quality
    Available in several grades. Higher quality commands higher price due to machinery and production methods used, materials used, multiple quality check stages and passed/discarded rate.