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Using this mod part for: Skx013
Seiko skx bezel

Hey, Apologies for the delay but I love the bezel you shipped to me. Especially the fact you took the time to write a hand written note. Attention to detail is much appreciated. All the best!

Using this mod part for: Skx custom builds

Love the service from this company. Ive bought dials from them and they are the only ones it seems to match the BGW9 lume. Packaged great but haven't opened yet as I'm waiting on parts from a different supplier ( issues...) To complete builds.

Using this mod part for: Invicta 8926OB
Awesome character without the 'faux patina' vibe

Gorgeous! I'm using this with the Broad Arrow handset and the combination is stunning! The dial is warm and refined, with a smooth fade to black around the outside, a bit like a Sunburst Stratocaster. In person, the bronze effect adds something that is hard to capture in pictures. The subtle color brings the watch to life with a luxury feel like I didn't know was possible with mod parts, and it looks and feels substantially more special than the starting watch.

The scratched effect is very well executed and not at all overcooked. All the indices are well finished, aligned perfectly, and the printing is crisp, reinforcing the feel that this is a properly thought out effect instead fake patina of some kind. The BGW9 helps immensely with this and as a package, it doesn't come across as artificial in any way. I couldn't be happier with what this dial brings to the table, there's nothing else like it for the NH35.

This is on a simple Invicta 8926OB build with an acrylic crystal with a gold tension ring, adding to the warmth by bringing a bit of gilt into the color scheme. Also fitted with a Murphy Manufacturing smooth bezel and a Strapcode "J" Angus bracelet. I built this originally to be a work beater watch but the end result has made it my favorite daily wear out of the whole collection. This dial also looks fantastic with dark brown leather and suede straps.

If you're like me and are unsure of putting "faux patina" on your watch, rest assured that this dial offers something entirely different. It is refreshing as it is unique. The legendary Lucius Lume is in full force as is the legendary customer service.

This product sets the bar very, very high.

Using this mod part for: Skx007 and 013

Top notch quality in all of his products!

Using this mod part for: Undecided, custom build for wife. #sparkles

This was my second purchase from Adriel. Everything was great. Any communications were responded to promptly. Parts were packaged safely. Would not hesitate to buy from again.

nice fulfillment. good communication

Using this mod part for: SEIKO 5
SEIKO SNKK87 Sunburst Dial

I just bought a Seiko5 one week ago, with the goal to modifying it.
I was searching all the mod parts I needed, using Google. Among all websites I visited, Lucius Atelier was the only one with amazing dials. I ordered this original steel dial, and I received it yesterday, in a secure box to unbroken it during the travel. It looks conform to the website model, and I hope when I will modifying my Seiko Watch, it will rock on my wrist !

I personally appreciated the handwriting note of Adriel in the package to thank me about my purchase.

I recommend Adriel!!

SKX013 Mirror Polished Gold Chapter Ring

Using this mod part for: SNKK79K1
The Great Wave off Kanagawa (date)

Exquisite quality, perfect match with GS hands. I'm glad I chose this one as my first mod.

Using this mod part for: SKX007
Beautiful products

Totally satisfied.

Using this mod part for: SKX007
Once again, excellent quality and customer relations

I am sure that I am going to shop at least once more here.
And hope that Adriel will expand keep the good work and expand his business!

Using this mod part for: 7s26
Movement holder

A very well made piece of a watch essential. This tool is definitely a must for the 7S series caliber it is perfectly machined to perfection to hold the caliber in place without any issues. One of the best tool purchases I have ever made. excellent quality and definitely the best the 7S movement holder out there

BGW9 The Great Fathom Hands *IMPROVED*

Using this mod part for: SKX007
At First, I was Concerned, but though the guides on this site, I figured it out.

First time modder.

Awesome dial, looks wonderful! Great shipping and communication, packed well. Was confused about having four posts on the back of the dial as opposed to two, but I used all of the guides and information provided by Lucius Atelier on their site and I was able to figure out how to install. Overall, great product and great resources!

Using this mod part for: Movement holder to modify NH36, 7s26
What a service.

I can really recommend using this guy. Incredible service. Personal greitings with every purchase. Just love getting stuff from here. And most of all, really good quality and worth the money 🤘🏼

Using this mod part for: SKX007
Great modified SKX

The dial is amazing, and I really like the full set of mods. Happy I can buy a modified watch without having to do the work myself.

Using this mod part for: SKX007

Very nice dial

Using this mod part for: SNZF17
Always Amazes

Bought this after seeing some mods on FB... it was an impulse buy at first having no plans of modding another watch but I’m glad I did. Really loving how my mod turned out, and the dial looks great and catches the light so beautifully. Just a little bit of misalignment on some of the hour markers, but other than that it’s another impressive design from Adriel. Looking forward to other dial designs!!

Using this mod part for: 7s26 with mother of pearl dial
Red pilot hands

Well made hands such amazing detail to the craftsmanship on these hands. Sharp and crisp perfectly machine with the perfect red tone with beautiful lines absolutely perfect.

Using this mod part for: 02j0

Amazing option for the SS 7s26 02j0 watch case definitely adds a new level of class. it has a brilliant way of reflecting the light around the dial and brings it up to a whole new notch to the 02j0. Great job

Mother of pearl dial

What a amazing dial this mother of pearl is just absolutely beautiful the colors of pearls are amazing the way they reflect off the dial. Truly a beautiful work of art. Perfect in craftsmanship and detail

Using this mod part for: SNZH53K1
The Great Wave off Kanagawa Dial (Date)

Looks absolutely perfect

Using this mod part for: snk8
Love it

Everything alrrived and looking greaT1 thanks!

Using this mod part for: SNK793
Quality Dial

I buy a lot of watch parts because I mod watches and the dials I’ve received from Lucius Atelier are some of the best. They’re beautifully crafted and never have any quality control issues as they are made by ISO 9001 certified manufacturers.
I love the business cards with hand written notes on them. It takes a lot of time to do that and it’s a great personal touch.

Using this mod part for: Snkl45
Amazing dial

Truly an amazing dial. I love the way it looks and fits perfectly. I especially like that the lume is a different color than normal.

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