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Using this mod part for: SKX007

The chapter ring I purchased is a great quality part with great finish! I’m looking foreward to installing it. The entire transaction has endowed a sense of confidence in Lucius Atelier and I will be a return customer.

Using this mod part for: SKX013

This is a quality SS chapter ring, easy to install even for this beginner modder!!!! Will be buying more from Lucius in the future!!!

Using this mod part for: Skx007

What a dial! Awesome print detail, shining color, and super fast shipping.

Thank you Giacomo for your great review! We will continue to do our best! =)
Using this mod part for: SKX007
Gorgeous Dial & Amazing Lume

The whole purchase experience from beginning to end was amazing. The dial was exactly what I was looking for. High quality, gorgeous markers, GREAT LUME. Shipping was fast & free. Customer service was impeccable as Lucius adds a personal touch with a hand written card to show his appreciation. Well I appreciate that appreciation and will definitely be back to buy more high quality products from a great merchant!

Thank you so much for your kind words Ben! I am so glad you love the dial and the BGW9 lume! =D Thanks for sharing your shots too!
Using this mod part for: 36mm DateJust
Superb dial.

Beautifully made dial. And Lucius Atelier is always a treat to work with :)

The pleasure is mine Jarle! Thank you very much! =) Oh... and the mod, Amazing!! First of the kind to have a Rolex Date Just Great Wave mod. Fluted bezel and jubilee bracelet really makes the difference in appearance. Great job mate!! *claps*
Using this mod part for: Skx007
Great dial

This dial is amazing I love how it looks on my skx mod!

Thank you very much Jim for the review! =D
Using this mod part for: Still searching for The best model

Very nice

Thanks Aku!! Hope you soon find a watch case that you like. =D
Using this mod part for: Skx007

Love the item. A perfect fit for my seiko! I will definitely purchase more in the future.

Thanks Alfian for your review! So glad you love it! =)
Using this mod part for: Seiko 5

pictures do't do this dial justice
quality and service were top notch
Adriel answered questions promptly
I look forward to buying more parts here in the future

Many people said the same thing about my website photos. Most photos only came out as raw, cropped and resized. Evidently, I am not good at photography, lighting and editing. Haha. But I am happy you like the dial and service. That's all that really matters. =) Thanks again Jesse!
Using this mod part for: SKX007
Fantastic artwork

Realy nice detailed and amazing color dial. Mesmerizing in the refleced light. Shipping is good as well. Thinking about modding a double domed saphire skx with ceramic bezel insert or a simple SNK80x. Thank you very much. Wish the best for your forthcoming works.

Thanks for the kind review Krajczár! I think both SKX007 and SNK80X have their own inherent beauty. Whichever the pick, definitely looking forward to your mod.
Using this mod part for: Sumo

Great quality product, great customer service, thanks.

Thank you very much Pete!
Using this mod part for: SNKL23

Awesome dial..very great service and really appreciate the note that came with the watch. Very personal touch.

Classy mod! Thanks for the kind review and for sharing your photos Wilfred!
Using this mod part for: Skx009
A work of art

wonderful and unique, quality and beauty without rivals. thank you

Hey Dario! That looks amazing!! What's a great wave without an actual wave right! Haha... Oh, and I see a top hat sapphire. Brilliant combo - simply a gorgeous mod! Thanks for the compliment and for sharing your photos! Inspirational.
Using this mod part for: SNKK87
SNKK87 Nautical Explorer Watch

I was looking at different sites for mod parts so I could assemble my own watch, but I stumbled on Lucius Atelier where I found the Nautical Explorer Dial. I fell in love with the dial because of the great the pictures that were used to display it. Then I found out that the site also offered modified watches. I purchased the SNKK87 Nautical Explorer mod really quickly. It has a sapphire crystal, the case fit the dimensions I wanted, it had the exact dial and hands that I wanted. It ended up being a perfect storm. I just received the watch (2.16.19) after ordering it on 2.8.19. The shipping was a lot quicker than I expected, and the packaging was great for protecting the watch. It came with a handwritten thanks, a keychain flashlight, and the original metal bracelet (which I was not expecting at all, so that was great).

The whole experience was extremely professional, and I appreciate how convenient Adriel has made this. The modifications look great, and the service was perfect. The quality of the nato strap is exactly what I wanted (but the strap is a little short and doesn’t reach the second metal keeper; I have a 6.75 inch wrist). It’s just a preference thing to have extra strap to fold over into the keeper, but the fact that the watch comes with an extra strap at all is generous considering that the price of his watches are cheaper than purchasing all the parts and tools separately.

Thank you Adriel for the service you’re providing to Seiko fans. Please keep it up.

Wow, thanks for the amazing review!! I guess this piece found its rightful owner. *Two thumbs up* The nato strap was actually measured on my puny wrist. I completely forgotten about bigger wrist size individuals. An honest mistake. ^^; haha This will be fix in future. =) Thanks again bud! Seeing the joy in others, I will definitely continue to do my best and more!!
Using this mod part for: SKX007
Finally!! Finish

Perfect combination. Love it!! ^^

Stunning mod mate! Thanks for sharing! =D

The Great Wave off Kanagawa Dial (No Date)

Using this mod part for: SNKL41
stunning dial

I selected the Kanagawa dial with date window for my dress watch mod. it looked impressive in pictures but the actual dial is even more stunning. the level of detail is breathtaking. I will post pictures of the mod once it is completed. thank you.

Thanks Michael for the amazing review! The dial found the right owner. Looking forward to your mod.

Everything about the dial is very impressive. The design, the glossy finish, the indices, the technology and the workmanship involved is top notch. I first bought the dial with date version, and when I got it through mail and opened the package and saw this beautiful work of art, I said I got to have the no date version. And so I bought it. Will post pics soon.

Hey Odie! Thank you so much for your support! So glad you love the dials. =D Can't wait to see your mods!
Using this mod part for: SKX007
Awesome work

I really love this dial. I love this picture for a long time, so when I saw your work without any doubt, I order it!!! :D. The real one is great for me. It's like a piece of art. I just can't wait to mod my watch but I have to go to do at shop because I can't change it myself. When I finish, I'll show you for sure!! ^^

Thank you Pheerakit! I am so glad you love it. =) Hope I get to see you finished mod soon!
Using this mod part for: SXK009
Nice Looking Watch Hands for your Seiko mod

I bought these to mod my SXK009 (Pepsi Dial) as I wanted something different. Have tried other aftermarket hands and the Luke was typically green and nowhere near the intensity of the dial. I like how with the blue lume it looks intentional that it’s not the same color lume and even if the intensity of the lume isn’t the same as the Seiko dial (I mean it’s tough to beat), these hands still look amazing. Thanks!

Thanks Dominic for your honest review! Just a little bit of information for those who are unaware: The human eye has the highest sensitivity to the green emission, when coming directly from sunlight into the dark (photopic vision). Hence, when blue and green emissions with equal amount of luminous pigment are compared side by side by human eyes, green will always look brighter. On another note, we are looking into option to increase the intensity of the BGW9 brightness by having multiple BGW9 layers. Due to increase Swiss BGW9 luminous pigment used, this will be available as a higher-end option as it commands a higher price. Keep a look out as we will be releasing IMPROVED LUME version on our hands soon.
Using this mod part for: Skx007
Beyond everything

Superb quality and very beautiful, it was beyond all expectations! Thanks

Thanks for the awesome review Magnus! Glad its beyond your expectation. Beautiful and unique SKX007 mod, especially the bezel. =D
Using this mod part for: SNZH53 and SNZH55
Stunning Dial

I got both the date and no date version of the “Great Wave” dial and I was absolutely amazed at the quality and beauty of this dial. I modded two Seiko SNZH model watches using each dial and I can’t stop staring at them. This dial is by far one of my favorite that I have used in a mod to date. I also love that it came with 4 dial feet so that it can be used in either a 3:00 or 4:00 crown position.

Thanks Nathan for the fantastic review! Now that you mentioned about the four dial legs - Moving forward, all new dials release in future will have four dial legs. To be honest, this does hugely reduce my workload having to manually remove them upon receiving orders. Most importantly, this will resolve customers from selecting the wrong crown position dial which already happened quite a number of times.
Using this mod part for: SNZF17
Kanagawa Wave Dial with Date

Awesome awesome seller - top-notch service, carefully packaged and swift delivery. Thank you so much

Thank you for the kind review! =)
Using this mod part for: Seiko snk803
Great dial

Received my beautiful The Great Wave off Kanagawa Dial today. It looks very good and the quality was top notch! Highly recommended.

First mod without a second hand! Fascinating! Thank you so much for the review! =)
Using this mod part for: SNK809
Decent dial and hands

The face is a perfect copy of type A flieger watch. The minute hand reaches the minute indexes properly, fulfilling great legibility. The positioning of Arabic indexes is perfectly done. The hands are not thermally blued, but they still look nice. Although the lume looks nice at the beginning, it only lasts for few hours.

Overall, I am satisfied with these products. It fulfilled my desire for flieger watch. I am also happy for the good service while having a deal.

Thank you Jun for the honest review!! The best way to charge a lume is under direct sunlight for 10 minutes. Even though it can last 8 hours, there will be a gradual decrease in brightness. This applies to all luminous pigments. As for heated blue hands, this had been something we originally endeavoured to do. Unfortunately, the price for these type of hands skyrocket. They are at the very least 3 times the price of the current electroplated method. Reasons being, firstly, the material is steel. Secondly, bluing is an extremely time-consuming process due to process and stages of preparation. Every piece is painstakingly done by hand. There are many things that can go wrong that results in an imperfect blue. Making 100 pieces, does not mean 100 pieces will pass our quality check stage. A lot had to be thrown away due to difficulty making them and quality check. All of these result in a very costly final product. Of course, if interested parties are willing to fork out over a hundred bucks for blue heated hands, we will gladly make them. =)

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