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Using this mod part for: Classic 36mm sterile Explorer case.

Great quality dial and hands. Packaged really well and lume is superb.

Wow! Awesome base watch for the mod!! Love it!
Deep Sea Dial

High quality dial, great design, beautiful raised indices, incredible intense lume! I compared it to that on my original Seiko dials & the glow last just as long. I must say I’m really & truly impressed.

Thanks for the awesome review Justin! Glad you like it!
Super soft and comfortable!

This strap is one of those things you just want to rub on the side of your face with your eyes closed... at least that's what I did when I first held this strap. It's so soft with a beautiful brushed (not suede) finish in a light mocha brown. I can tell this will break in so nicely, I'm looking forward to seeing that patina develop on it!

This is my second strap from Lucius Atelier and I'm glad to see such consistency in quality between products. I've purchased a bunch of things from him and I'm glad that something as organic as calf leather straps can still be on point from here! And for $21, just get two!!

Double dome sapphire is a MUST

I purchased this with the double domed sapphire pre-installed and I am really impressed with what I got. It came via Fedex, bypassing the miserable 3 week wait, with fingers crossed that it'll not get lost in customs, wrapped securely in bubble wrap. That watch itself was well covered in it's original plastic and with the new sapphire covered in cellophane as well. And with all his packages (this was my second), there was a hand written note, thanking me for my purchase!

So here's what sets Adriel apart... with my last order, I got a 18mm strap, which I put on my modded SNK809, along with a lot of other components. Knowing that, Adriel wrote on his little note "I noticed that in your last order you got a 18mm strap. This is not going to fit the SNKE53, so I thought to give you a complimentary 20mm brown strap. :D". What a guy! In a world where retailers treat us all like numbers, it feels really great to do business with someone who actually cares. This is why I love Seiko modding, it's all about people with passion!

Great quality!

Lume on the dial is great. Applied markers are well finished too!

Stellar polish, insane lume! Not all hands are made the same...

I have modded several watches and my biggest complaint is the lume, as they're never bright even and decay quickly. I am really impressed with the quality of product Lucius Atelier has provided, as these hands have the most insane lume I've seen aftermarket! It is that really beautiful blue-green that is the hallmark of luxury watches. When you read their blog post about how they went through the trouble of sourcing the highest quality lume out there, it's obvious they care only to sell the highest quality products! Especially when you look at the level of polish, it's worth the premium! And especially with their registered postage and great customer service, it's a pleasure to do business with Lucius Atelier!

and oh, they also included a cute gift of a small UV flashlight (and laser pointer, ha!), so you can charge your lume immediately and just ooo and aaah! It's really that good!

Thanks again Daniel for the awesome review! Happy modding and wear it in good health!
Terrific strap, esp for the money!

For $21, I didn't expect much out of a strap... but when I purchased this, along with a dial and hands, I was really surprised by the quality of the products on all counts! The strap has a beautiful sheen and the underside is incredibly supple. This watch strap definitely punches above its weight... I have a Nomos, which came with an incredible horween strap, and though this isn't as good as that $110 strap, it's really gives it a run for its money, especially for $21! And because I tend to go through my straps pretty quickly, I'm really relieved to know I can always come to Lucius Atelier to replace them without breaking my bank!

Moreover, I am super satisfied with the level of service Adrien provides. His package came as registered mail, which means it would not be considered delivered until I sign for it. I have had watch mod parts lost in customs or in the post before, and I'll tell you it'll be much easier to prove you never got it with this service. I am so happy with them that I just bought their SNKE23 for my next mod already! Thanks Adrien, you are much appreciated!

Thanks Daniel! Glad I didn't break your bank. Haha
Excellent quality and service

I have modded 4 Seiko watches to date, having purchased components from almost all the major players (DLW, Yobokies, Dagaz, Aestus, MotorCity WatchWorks, etc) and I have to say, Lucius Atelier is the cream of the crop! The Terra Explorer dial is absolutely beautiful... the enameled dial gives adds that little extra bit of sophistication that has people do a double-take when they look at the watch... it's a great way to wear something like a Rolex Explorer, until you can get a Rolex Explorer!

The most impressive part of Lucius Atelier is their customer service, thus far. Every manufacturer of Seiko mod parts is a pleasure to work with, but my package was sent registered mail, which means a mailman actually needed my signature to confirm delivery. Living in the US, my biggest frustration has been the shipping process from Asia, as I have had an order lost before, so this extra detail was very much appreciated. Everything was meticulously packaged in individual plastic cases, more than other manufacturers have provided. Additionally, there was a cute handwritten note and some extra goodies in the package, like finger cots and a laser pointer! Either way, it shows that Adriel of Lucius Atelier truly cares and is someone worth doing business with! Even though the components are priced with a premium, the quality of the work makes it worth it! (I also purchased the Mercedes Benz hands in polished silver - spectacular!, along with a black leather band... not bad for $20USD)

Hey Daniel! Thank you very much for your compliments! We do our best since we love what we do. I am so glad you love the dial and experience along with it! Oh and the laser pointer, it actually functions as a UV torch as well, but I guess you already figured that out Once again, a sincere thanks for the review and support!
Great straps and fast delivery

The quality of the straps of really good and comfortable to wear. I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase other items from you in the future. Thanks!

Thank you Paul for your kind review!

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