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BGW9 Polished Silver Mercedes Hands

This iconic Mercedes Hands have a polished silver finish and is filled with 100% Swiss Super-LumiNova® BGW9 emitting a long-lasting blue glow.


Made exclusively for us with quality assurance by ISO 9001 Certified manufacturers.


Customer Reviews

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Using this mod part for: SKX007
Mercedes hands

Great quality as always, nice polishing, great in fact. Not your standard mercedes on sub homage, this one a big bigger. And the lume, oh my, what a gorgeous blue lume! With BLW9 it can last quite long

Using this mod part for: Seiko 5
Amazing Quality

I was thoroughly shocked at how high quality the parts where. The individual dial was a work of art in itself, and it made my stock Seiko 5 (which I already thought looked good), look absolutely stunning.

Hey Guang! So glad you love the Terra Explorer Dial and hands =D Now I am so curious how your Seiko 5 turned out. Haha. Thank you so much for the review!
Using this mod part for: Seiko snk361
Nice hands

The hands are great with great lume to match the dial. However are a little too fat like from the explorer 2 rather that the explorer 1. Would love to see a thinner sleeker version in future.

Thanks again for the feedback Mike. Definitely worth considering on a sleeker version.
Using this mod part for: SKX007
BGW9 Polished Silver Mercedes Hands

Very happy with this product and other products, I have fitted them in to a SKX007 I was modifying. Will buy again A+

I am totally mesmerised by your fully polished SKX007. A whole new species. You have convinced me to polished my SKX too. Haha =D
Using this mod part for: SXK009
Nice Looking Watch Hands for your Seiko mod

I bought these to mod my SXK009 (Pepsi Dial) as I wanted something different. Have tried other aftermarket hands and the Luke was typically green and nowhere near the intensity of the dial. I like how with the blue lume it looks intentional that it’s not the same color lume and even if the intensity of the lume isn’t the same as the Seiko dial (I mean it’s tough to beat), these hands still look amazing. Thanks!

Thanks Dominic for your honest review! Just a little bit of information for those who are unaware: The human eye has the highest sensitivity to the green emission, when coming directly from sunlight into the dark (photopic vision). Hence, when blue and green emissions with equal amount of luminous pigment are compared side by side by human eyes, green will always look brighter. On another note, we are looking into option to increase the intensity of the BGW9 brightness by having multiple BGW9 layers. Due to increase Swiss BGW9 luminous pigment used, this will be available as a higher-end option as it commands a higher price. Keep a look out as we will be releasing IMPROVED LUME version on our hands soon.
Using this mod part for: SNK887

I was looking for bgw9 hands for seiko5 because I hate greenish lume.
The length of the hands are perfect, and lume is very bright.
I am satisfied.

Thanks Futi for the awesome review. I am so glad you like the hands and its bright lume. By the way, SNK887 is a fantastic choice!! I totally love that model too.
Stellar polish, insane lume! Not all hands are made the same...

I have modded several watches and my biggest complaint is the lume, as they're never bright even and decay quickly. I am really impressed with the quality of product Lucius Atelier has provided, as these hands have the most insane lume I've seen aftermarket! It is that really beautiful blue-green that is the hallmark of luxury watches. When you read their blog post about how they went through the trouble of sourcing the highest quality lume out there, it's obvious they care only to sell the highest quality products! Especially when you look at the level of polish, it's worth the premium! And especially with their registered postage and great customer service, it's a pleasure to do business with Lucius Atelier!

and oh, they also included a cute gift of a small UV flashlight (and laser pointer, ha!), so you can charge your lume immediately and just ooo and aaah! It's really that good!

Thanks again Daniel for the awesome review! Happy modding and wear it in good health!

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