Mother of Pearl Diver's Dial (Date)

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Every dial is uniquely different. No two pieces are ever alike.

About Our Limited Edition Dials

Mother of Pearl, also known as nacre, is the iridescent lining you find on the inside of a shell. Its most distinguishing characteristic is its iridescence, which appears to gradually change colour as the angle of view or the angle of illumination changes.

This iridescent quality of mother of pearl perpetually possess a mesmerising wide spectrum of colours, from red tone to green, blue and yellow tones. A beauty highly coveted in the watch industry.

This mother of pearl is made from the highest AAA grade we were able to lay our hands on. A testament of our uncompromising and penchant on quality. Coupled with Grand Seiko dive watch-styled applied indices and filled with 100% Swiss Super-LumiNova BGW9 luminous pigment.

A sporty yet exquisite and extravagant dial for a refined gentleman or an elegant lady.

A gift from mother nature.

This design is a date version.
For no date version, visit here
For day date version, visit here

Made exclusively for us with quality assurance by ISO 9001 Certified manufacturers.


    1. Quality Swiss Production Quality, ISO 9001 Certified
    2. Dial Diameter 28.5mm
    3. Surface Finish Iridescence, natural mother of pearl
    4. Beveled Indices Colour Mirror Polished Silver
    5. Logo Color Black
    6. Lume Applied Inside beveled indices
    7. Lume Type 100% Swiss Made Super-LumiNova® BGW9
    8. Lume Color Blue (In the night), White (In the day)
    9. Lume Duration Up to 8 hours depending on charge
    10. Fit Crown Both 3 o'clock and 4 o'clock crown positions
      Each dial has 4 legs for either 3 o'clock or 4 o'clock crown positions. To fit either crown position movement, remove 2 legs accordingly by clipping/twisting off the legs.
    11. Fit Movements 7S26, 7S36, 4R15, 4R35, 6R15, NE15, NH25, NH26, NH35, NH36
    12. Fit Models SNK803, SNK805, SNK807, SNK809, SKX007, SKX009, SKX011, SKX013, SKX015, SKX017, SNZF15, SNZF17, SNZF19, SNZG13, SNZG15, SNZH55 and more
    13. SPECIAL To fit SKX013, SKX015, SKX017 models or 7S26-0030 cases - Must be paired with our customised SKX013 Chapter Rings
    1. 1x Watch Dial

    All photos of watches with modification parts are for illustration purposes only and are not included with modification parts purchased.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Using this mod part for: SKX007 turtle conversion
Impeccable Dial Finishing

I'll let the photos speak for them self. I bought the MOP Dial and the Great Fathom hands for this build. I was truly amazed by the beauty of the dial and even more by the perfectionist finishing and polish of the indices and print. The lume is generously applied and there isnt a speck of it where it shouldn't be, lasts for a good time and is a beautiful shade of blue that compliments the pearlescent dial. The two times I have ordered, I've also received a handwritten note from Ariel, which is extremely classy and shows how they take pride in serving and building a relationship with their customer. Much love to all of you, keep up the quality work.


Using this mod part for: New SRPD

Everything match the product description. Fits nice in the new SRPD

Using this mod part for: Skx007 and 013

Top notch quality in all of his products!

Using this mod part for: Invicta pro diver

Great dial.. i love it

Using this mod part for: SKX007, SKX013)
Simple the finest.

Great customer service, excellent communication, and superb #1 unbelievable beautiful product. Simply amazing!

Using this mod part for: Skx013
Top notch quality

Just received my first order and I couldn’t be any happier. The quality of these products are top notch and customer service is the best! The personalized card in my shipment was very nice! Thanks

Using this mod part for: SKX007
Outstanding quality

This dial is awesome!
Perfect fit, awesome quality
The Super-Luminova is one of the best i ever had on a wristwatch

Using this mod part for: SKX007
Beautiful dial and great customer experience.

This is my third dial from Lucius Atelier. It's unique and well-made. Communication, packing, and shipment were first-rate. Trusted seller.

Using this mod part for: SKX013
Great CX from Adriel and Gorgeous Dial

I haven't got all the parts from crystal times to put this baby in yet but I'd like to give my thanks in advance to Adriel before I build my SKX013. I messaged him through Whatsapp shortly after I noticed I ordered the wrong dial(Day,Date version) and to my surprise Adriel responded almost immediately. I told him I accidentally clicked into the wrong page and ordered the Day,Date one and asked if its possible for him to change it to the one(Date Only) I originally wanted before it gets shipped out. Without questioning, Adriel kindly responded and said he'd swap the dial out for me prior to shipping. Just that was enough to make me give a good review. Upon receiving the dial today, I opened up the package just to give the dial a quick peek and wow was I amazed. Absolutely gorgeous dial in person. I'd give 6 stars if I could. Thanks again Adriel!

Using this mod part for: Seiko SKNL29
Beautiful Dial, very soft.

I pained for this mod !
I had my back almost blocked yesterday, while patiently doing the mod.
But now, it's OK. I'm very pleased with this new watch.

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