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February 15, 2019 1 min read

Hello Folks!

Recently, we have been receiving over two dozen emails and PMs per day asking us if we will be restocking The Great Wave Dials (Date Version). Thank you so very much Ladies and Gentlemen for expressing such enthusiastic support and interest in our dials! We are so happy and very grateful for that!

At the moment, we have no intention of reproducing/restocking the exact design again. Even though with huge demand, we will not reproduce/restock just to profit from this demand. The sole purpose of all limited edition releases are to grant the existing owners exclusivity.

This is a promise we've made and this is a promise we'll keep!

We will perhaps launch a variant; albeit, the design will be slightly or hugely altered.

A lot of interesting designs are slated for release throughout this year!! Please do sign up our newsletter, follow our Instagram/Facebook, and/or allow our website push notifications. This way you will not miss out when the pre-order is made available.

Please do leave a feedback if you have any ideas. Remember, we are designed by modders for modders. That means everyone. It is everyone's ideas that made this happen. Without you guys, there wouldn't be us.

Once again, thank you everyone! =)

Just a passionate modder

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