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February 19, 2019 1 min read

Hello Folks!

Once again, THANK YOU for purchasing The Great Wave off Kanagawa Dials. Now that both versions, date and no-date, are completely sold out. These dials were a huge success and are in high demand till now. And like we mentioned before, once sold considered gone. No restocking, no rebatching, no remaking, period. At least not in the same method of production or exact copy.

Speaking of method and by that, we actually meant we are exploring all options of producing a dial. Trying to achieve something unique and something different. Something that brings the whole SEIKO mod community to a whole new space of exploration.

Do stay in the loop and keep modding!


Signing Out,
Adriel & Team

P.S. We are never short of ideas. Email or PM us and share your ideas with us if you have any.

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