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Explorer Watch Case - 36mm

ONLY 4 main components are needed to complete a watch.
Watch Case
Movement Holder (optional)
Tweezer (optional)

A classic explorer watch case that withstood the test of time. An excellent choice to finish a build.

This explorer case comes complete with sapphire, caseback and screw down crown. Additionally, it has a water resistant of 200m.

Designed to fit all of our dials (28.5mm) and original NH movements (grey dial holding spacer).

**Please note that assemble watch option will assemble the entire timepiece ready for use and requires 2-5 business days prior to shipping.

This watch case is 36mm.
For 39mm, visit here

Made exclusively for us with quality assurance by ISO 9001 Certified manufacturers.


Customer Reviews

Based on 49 reviews
Using this mod part for: Your own 36mm Explorer case :)
A great little beast!

I've been using this case ever since i received it from preorder and have no regrets whatsoever. Over that period it has been used in multiple mods: pretty much all of them work just fine, which -to me- proves it's versatility. Combine that with pretty decent finishing and you've got a great little beast!

Great quality...!!

Wanted to built a gift mod for women and this explo case in 36mm was the best choice!!!
The quality of the case is great and the result is awesome!!!
Thanks to Adriel from L.A. for the quick answer at all my questions and the fast sending.

Using this mod part for: Complete LA build
Great Case for the slender wrist

I bought the case with assembly and am more than pleased with it.
Great quality and size overall especially for my smaller sized wrist. Great to see that someone cares about diameters around 36 cm.
Ordering the case was simple, communication with Adriel was fantastic (iMessage). He answered all of my questions and took some time for me! 5/5 customer service.
I had to wait for some time for the dial to become available but I knew that by ordering.
Shipping with DHL Express was also no problem, had some delay in Germany but that goes to the weather and German Customs.
Inspecting the case and build quality I am more than impressed.
Only downsides and reason for 4/5 stars are the quite sharp edges on the lugs (afraid that they are going to tear my band one day) and the slight rotation of the dial when the screw is pulled out. Seems that the movement and dial sit a little too loose inside. When the crown is screwed in all the way everything sits tight, so it’s just a cosmetically issue and feels a little cheap when changing date/time.
Overall I would definetly buy again but hope that in v2 those small issues are fixed!!
Thanks for the great build and for your great work! Keep it up and greetings from Germany 🇩🇪

Using this mod part for: Seiko 5 SNX993
Seiko 5 Explorer

First of all, the customer service is second to none in my experience. Love the case. It looks and feels well made. The crown is very well made too. Only draw back, hence the 4/5 starts, when the crown is completely pulled, the movement/dial rotates slightly. I used my SNX993 dial with a NH36 movement. I will buy another case though for my SNX995.

Using this mod part for: N.A.
Very well finished case, perfect fit

Great case, I'm impressed with the finishing especially. Beautiful polish and brushing with very crisp edges. It only gave me trouble when fitting the crown. No matter what I did, it wouldn't screw in. Of course I shortened the stem in extremely small steps end the length was correct, but the thread just wouldn't go in smoothly (but it did without the movement inside). In the end I had to carefully file off a bit of the tube and that did the trick.
Still, five stars since I don't know whether this was my own fault or not.

First Watch Build

Case is an excellent piece, fantastic quality, easy to work with and looks great

This was my first watch build and I would recommend this case to anyone, old hand or new to putting watches together

Very happy and cannot wait until more come back into stock

Using this mod part for: Aftermarket case
Great Case Finishing

The case looks great. LA always has awesome items.

Perfect size! And awesome look!

The 36mm is a perfect size.
Not too big not too small for that classic vintage look.
Been looking around for an Explorer type case and this one does the trick.
Will buy more when they come back in stock.
Can't wait for the release of the bracelet that goes with this.

Superb Quality Case!

Thrilled to receive my 36mm Explorer case and can't wait to build it up, probably as a Flieger as I already have the dial and hands from LA. The quality of the case is second to none and I am very pleased with my purchase. Thanks again Adriel!


Build and quality are fantastic. Shipping was quick too