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Explorer Watch Case - 36mm

Caseback (Fits Movement Types)

ONLY 4 main components are needed to complete a watch.
Watch Case
Movement Holder (optional)
Tweezer (optional)


  • For the watch case, select your (1) Case, then (2) Bracelet (optional), and lastly (3) Caseback (To fit different types of movements).
  • For a complete watch, select your (4) Dial, (5) Hands and (6) Movement.
  • To have watch assembled, select (7) Assemble Watch. Please note that assembling the entire timepiece requires 2 to 5 business days prior to shipping.

Engineered by us and made exclusively for us with quality assurance by ISO 9001 Certified manufacturers.


A classic explorer watch case that withstood the test of time. An excellent choice to finish a build.

This new version 2 explorer case comes complete with clear AR sapphire, sapphire caseback, screw down crown and solid brushed oyster bracelet. The bracelet clasp is also designed to have micro-adjustment without the need for removing or adding links. Additionally, explorer watch case has a water resistant of 200m.

Designed to fit all of our dials (28.5mm) and original NH movements (grey dial holding spacer).

New Feature!
Ability to fit ETA2824/SW200/SW260 and ETA2893/SW330 movements. Special spacer and caseback provided.

This watch case is 36mm.
For 36mm DLC Black Edition, visit here
For 39mm, visit here
For 39mm DLC Black Edition, visit here
    1. Quality Swiss Production Quality, ISO 9001 Certified
    2. Case Material 316L Stainless Steel
    3. Case Diameter 36mm
    4. Case Thickness 11.5mm
    5. Case Length 43mm
    6. Bracelet Width 20mm taper to 18mm
    7. Lug Width 20mm
    8. Caseback Screw down, Sapphire, Mirror Polished
    9. Crown Screw down
    10. Crystal Flat Sapphire with Clear Anti-Reflective Coating
    11. Crystal Size 29.5mm x 1.5mm
    12. Water Resistant 200m / 20atm
    13. Fit Movements NH35, NH36, NH38, ETA2824, ETA2893, SW200, SW260, SW330
    1. 1x Watch Case (Inclusive of sapphire and crown)
    2. 1x Oyster Bracelet (Depends on selection)
    3. 1x NH Sapphire Caseback (Depends on selection)
    4. 1x ETA2824/SW200/SW260 Movement Spacer (Depends on selection)
    5. 1x ETA2893/SW330 Movement Spacer (Depends on selection)
    6. 1x ETA2824/SW200/SW260 Sapphire Caseback (Depends on selection)
    7. 1x ETA2893/SW330 Sapphire Caseback (Depends on selection)

    All photos of watches with modification parts are for illustration purposes only and are not included with modification parts purchased.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 87 reviews
J.P. (Bangkok, TH)
Nice case

Nice case. Premium quality. Fast delivery and supports.

櫻井 俊也 (Kawaguchi, JP)
Using this mod part for: エクスプローラー


櫻.俊. (Kawaguchi, JP)
Using this mod part for: SEIKO


Jeff Raymond (Sydney, AU)
Using this mod part for: Aftermarket Case
Vintage inspired mod

The case is amazing and easy to use. The fit is precise and the finishing is suburb. Also really like the deep threads on both the caseback and crown - makes me feel a more comfortable about taking it in the water.

The bracelet is solid, but I wish it would taper down more to 16mm. The 18mm clasp is too bulky and isn't really proportional to the case, so throws the balance off when you wear it on wrist.

The service was first class, and shipping was extremely quick. Really appreciate the handwritten note from Adriel.

Santiago Garcia Rosa (Barcelona, ES)
Using this mod part for: Aftermarket Case
Finished Project

Hi! I already left a review but I wanted to share how the watch looks now after finishing the project. Just so people with similar modding ideas can see the finished project. As I said before, Probably the best case + Bracelet out there!

Billy R. (Fredericksburg, US)
Using this mod part for: Aftermarket Cases
NH38 White Birch build

incredible service, fast and precise build. Ordered the 36mm Explorer case/Bracelet with Shirakaba White Birch Tree Dial (No Date), Grand Seiko Dauphine hands with brushed top and polished bevels with Blue seconds hand. I chose to have Adriel assemble these with a regulated NH38 movement. Watch assembly is great, clean, and precise! The Bracelet is very comfy! Great communication from start to finish!

Santiago Garcia Rosa (Barcelona, ES)
Using this mod part for: Aftermarket Case
Great Personal Costumer Service and High Quality Product

I am very happy with the product. It has a lot of quality compared to other cases on the market. Miles better than Riyi's case. More expensive too.. but the difference is worth it if you want a more serious build. It has better finish, AR coating which makes a big difference, beautiful proportions, fit and finish is better and finally the sapphire glass is better too.

Then we have the bracelet. Such a good product. The quality of it completely exceeds expectations. Specially compared to how bad the bracelets for other explorer cases on the market are. A high quality item.

Fantastic combo for an explorer mod. Probably the best quality in the market.

Costumer service: Excellent. Thank you Adriel so much for your service. I really appreciate it when somebody cares so much about the costumer experience. This + the quality of the products, will make me buy again in the future.

Photos: Now I have it with a salmon dial but the idea is to swap it for a gray 62mas dial which is on its way home. Hopefully I’ll have a very nice everyday watch in the next few days.

Thanks a lot,


W.W. (Los Angeles, US)
Explorer Watch Case - 36mm

I absolutely love this watch case. I have dabbled with other common 36mm cases you can find online and this one is by far my favorite. Built with my favorite OEM dial.

Anthony Collings (Camberley, GB)
Another great product from LA!

Purchased multiple items and all have been superb, and this is no exception!

BM (Mickleton, US)

Case and bracelet finishing are really well done for something in this price range. Everything fits together well, and is really comfortable to wear.

I used a SNKE61 dial and hands with a NH36 movement, wanted something Explorer-esqe

A few highlights:
SII movement fits well in the case, better than the V1 Explorer case
The case top has vertical brushing which closely matches the vertical brushing of the bracelet, as opposed to the usual circular brushing of other mod cases
The bracelet width tolerances closely match the case, better than other mod cases/bracelets I've seen
Everything looks/feels in proportion with this 36mm version