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Engineered by us and made exclusively for us with quality assurance by ISO 9001 Certified manufacturers.



5 main components required to complete a watch.
Watch Case
Chapter Ring
Strap (optional)
Movement Holder (optional)
Tweezer (optional)


  • For a complete watch, select your (1) Dial, (2) Hands, (3) Chapter Ring and (4) Movement.
  • To add bracelet or strap, select your (5) Bracelet or Strap (optional).
  • To have watch assembled, select (6) Assemble Watch (optional). Please note that assembling the entire timepiece requires 2 to 5 business days prior to shipping.
The new Ultra Thin Edition of the Explorer Watch Case in Titanium Grade 4, emerging as the thinnest and lightest watch case profile possible!!

With a mere 9.96mm thickness when utilizing a solid caseback, this 36mm watch case offers unparalleled sleekness and elegance. This is unprecedented given a NHxx movement is 7.59mm in thickness. Meaning that the sapphire, case and tolerance for hands add up to only 2.37mm!! It is thin, incredibly thin and without a doubt the thinnest watch case in the market for NH movement!!

On top of being the thinnest, to make it the lightest, it is now made in TITANIUM GRADE 4!! Grade 4 titanium finds widespread use in aerospace and medical applications. The reason we opt for Grade 4 is due to its status as the strongest pure grade titanium and displays the highest strength of all the unalloyed commercially pure grades coupled with the ability to be polished to a lustrous finish. This makes Grade 4 is a superb material for crafting watch cases, offering a perfect blend of strength, corrosion resistance, lightweight design, and an elegant appearance.

Every part including casecrown and caseback in titanium. Allowing the weight to be at 18.5 grams, an amazing 40% lighter than 316L Stainless Steel EC36 UTE (30.2 grams).

This version is Polished: case, crown and caseback. Notably, a polished 316L Stainless Steel is visually identical to a polished Titanium Grade 4. (Browse photos to see comparison of sandblasted titanium, polished titanium and 316L stainless steel.)

Included in the package are a flat double-sided coated clear AR sapphire, a choice between a solid caseback, and a coin edge screw-down crown.

Crafted to accommodate all of our 28.5mm dials, SKX013 chapter rings, and the original Type M NH movements.

Recommended to pair with luxurious shell cordovan straps .

The water resistance of this watch case reaches 50m, ensuring durability alongside its impressive design.

IMPORTANT: This case can ONLY fit TYPE M of NH35, NH36, NH38, NH70, NH71 and NH72 movement. TYPE L of these movements will NOT fit. Due to low tolerance/space between hands and sapphire, this case is ONLY recommended for professional watchmakers and highly skilled/experienced modders with great level of finesse.

      1. Quality Swiss Production Quality, ISO 9001 Certified
      2. Finishing Sandblasted
      3. Case Material Grade 4 Titanium
      4. Case Diameter 36mm
      5. Case Thickness 10mm (Solid Caseback)
      6. Lug to Lug 43mm
      7. Case Weight 18.5g (Inclusive of sapphire, crown and caseback)
      8. Lug Width 20mm
      9. Crown Screw down
      10. Crystal Flat Sapphire with Clear Anti-Reflective Coating
      11. Crystal Size 29.5mm x 1.5mm
      12. Water Resistant 50m / 5atm
      13. Fit Movements TYPE M: NH35, NH36, NH38, NH70, NH71, NH72
      1. 1x Watch Case (Inclusive of sapphire, crown and caseback)

All photos of watches with modification parts are for illustration purposes only and are not included with modification parts purchased.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Bastrah (Essen, DE)
Using this mod part for: Custom Build
Lightweight, Thin, Beautiful

Just a really nice, super light case. The threading of the caseback is a bit scruffy but that's only a minor thing. Overall I'm really happy with the case.
I paired it with a modified NH35 (removed calendar & automatic winding works), the brushed silver chapter ring and a dial + hands from another shop.
Overall it weighs around 30grams and it's just beautiful.

Erik S. (Schiedam, NL)
Using this mod part for: Aftermarket Case
Finally a real dresswatch case

This case is absolutely perferct for a dresswatch.

Anthony (Corvallis, US)
Using this mod part for: Build from scratch
Great case, great parts provider

Great case, it's incredibly slim, light, and comfortable (at least for my wrist). Can't recommend it highly enough. The dial doesn't photograph well but it's incredible in person, there's so much color in the sparkle. A 5 yr old positively commented on this watch while I was chatting with their parents, that's how great it looks.

Miles J. (Columbus, US)
Using this mod part for: SKX013
36mm Titanium Explorer case

Great quality, carefully packaged, fast shipping, excellent support. Couldnt ask for a better shop to work with, will purchase from again!

Ivan V. (Clearwater, US)
Using this mod part for: LA Ti case
Polished Ti case

Very nice case, thin and light. Looks great with the cordovan strap.

Lionel F. (Lyon, FR)
Magnifique et vraiment léger

J’ai voulu assembler une montre pour porter lors de mon mariage, je suis ravi d’avoir sélectionné ce modèle qui réunit l’ensemble des qualités que je recherchais.