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Diver Watch Case - 38mm - SKX013/Submariner Edition (Fits NH & GMT Movements)

Fit Movement

ONLY 8 main components are needed to complete a watch.
Watch Case
Bezel Insert
Chapter Ring
Movement Holder (optional)
Tweezer (optional)
**All components can be selected above. If non-rotatable bezel is selected, bezel insert is not required.

Made exclusively for us with quality assurance by ISO 9001 Certified manufacturers.



GMT WIS are going to love this!

After almost a year of prototyping and as always, we are the first and proud to present to you a one of a kind diver watch case in the market that can fit both Japanese Seiko NH movements (NH35, NH36, NH37, NH38, NH39, NH70, NH71), Swiss ETA2893 and Sellita SW330 GMT movements. This watch case design will undoubtedly opens up a myriad of breathtaking opportunities for customisations.

This is also one of the first aftermarket case designed to fit high-end Swiss GMT mechanical movement, ETA2893 and Sellita SW330.

Designed uniquely with a submariner crown guard while retaining characteristic of an SKX.

That's right! This case fits ALL our SKX013 mod parts!!

This 38mm diver watch case comes complete with:
  • 1x Case Body
  • 1x Bezel Click Spring
  • 1x Caseback (Solid or sapphire)
  • 1x Caseback gasket
  • 1x Crown
  • 1x Crystal Gasket
  • 2x Fat Spring Bars
  • 1x GMT Movement Spacer (If GMT movement is selected)
Water resistant to 200m.

Build your own watch from scratch!
    1. Quality Swiss Production Quality, ISO 9001 Certified
    2. Case Material 316L Stainless Steel
    3. Case Diameter 38mm
    4. Case Thickness 9.9mm (Without bezel and crystal)
    5. Case Length 44.5mm
    6. Lug Width 20mm
    7. Caseback Screw down (Solid, Mirror polished or See-thru Sapphire)
    8. Crown Screw down
    9. Water Resistant 200m / 20atm
    10. Fit Movements NH35, NH36, NH37, NH38, NH39, NH70, NH71, ETA2893, SW330
    1. 1x Case Body
    2. 1x Bezel Click Spring
    3. 1x Caseback (Solid or sapphire)
    4. 1x Caseback gasket
    5. 1x Crown
    6. 1x Crystal Gasket
    7. 2x Fat Spring Bars
    8. 1x GMT Movement Spacer (If GMT movement is selected)

    All photos of watches with modification parts are for illustration purposes only and are not included with the selected modification part purchased.

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    1. Does this watch case fit SKX013 aftermarket parts?
      Yes, only to our own SKX013 aftermarket parts since we have tested it.
    2. Is caseback for NH and ETA2893/SW330 GMT movements interchangeable?
      No, casebacks are NOT interchangeable. GMT movement is significantly smaller and slimmer than NH movement, its caseback is therefore significantly thinner than NH caseback.

      **Using GMT caseback on a case fitted with NH movement will inevitably damage the NH movement! Please ensure that you select the proper caseback for its respective movement.
    3. How is NH movement fitted into the watch case?
      NH movements can be fitted into the watch case directly without any addition GMT movement spacer. A unique NH caseback is required to secure and close up the watch case.
    4. How is ETA2893/SW330 GMT movement fitted into the watch case?
      A unique GMT movement spacer (gold colour in the photos) is required to encase the GMT movement inside the watch case. Thereafter, another unique caseback specifically for this movement is require to secure and close up the watch case.
    5. I have bought the NH movement version of this case. But I want to fit an ETA2893/SW330 GMT movement into it now.
      Too easy. You just need to purchase the GMT movement caseback and spacer separately, which you can select on this product page. That would allow you to fit GMT movement. Likewise, you can purchase NH movement caseback separately.
    6. Will your dial collections fit ETA2893/SW330 GMT movement?
      Yes and no. No because the dial legs are designed for NH movements. So current dial collections with NH dial legs will not fit into GMT movement. Furthermore, the date windows do not align between both movements. On the bright side, yes, it can still fit (only no date dials), but requires you to remove all the dial legs and manually align and adhere with adhesive (e.g. double-sided tape). We will release GMT movement-specific dials next year.
    7. Do you have ETA2893 or Sellita SW330 movement?
      Coming next year.
    8. Do you have ETA2893 or SW330 movement hands?
      Coming next year.
    9. Do you have bracelets for this watch case?
      We will be releasing our own selections of bracelet for our watch case in first half of 2021. Meanwhile, this case has lugs designed exactly like SKX013. Hence, OEM SKX013 bracelets can fit this watch case. We can only guarantee OEM SKX013 bracelets will fit. For aftermarket bracelets for SKX013, it may or may not fit. You will have to check with the respective retailer you purchased from.
    10. Hands installation on ETA2893/SW330 movement is more difficult than NH movements.
      Correct. Compared to NH movement, it is extremely difficult. ETA2893 and Sellita SW330 movements are smaller, slimmer and have about 40% lesser space between the hands as compared to NH movements. What's more, within the 40% lesser space, you need to fit 4 hands (hour, minute, second, GMT) instead of 3 hands (hour, minute, second). This makes your margin of error very tight when it comes to hands installation. Just take hour and minute hands spacing for example; On NH movement, there is 0.6mm space, while on ETA2893/SW330, there is 0.4mm space.

      **Unless you are an extremely experienced modder or a certified professional watchmaker, we do not recommend any individual to work with GMT movements.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Using this mod part for: Custom case
Beautiful case

Beautifully made and perfect size for me. Perfect that it can be customized with the SKX013 parts.
I also like the handwritten notes.


The best midsize case

Using this mod part for: Aftermarket cases
I love this case!

So well made and looks great! I highly recommend it for any SKX013 style watch mod.


Absolutely love this case. The finishing is perfect, and using the Skx013 platform opens up many options for customization. I also love that all the watch parts offered meet ISO standards!

Using this mod part for: SKX013
Awesome Case!

This case has great proportions and the finishing is awesome. It fits well with aftermarket SKX013 parts from Namoki, Watch&Style, and Uncle Seiko. The only reason I'm giving it 4 stars instead of 5 is the crown is rather small and difficult to get to in the crown guards. Made the crown can be enlarged on later versions? Otherwise very well done. I love the hand written notes!

Using this mod part for: N/A

The packaging that it came with was a bit crushed however the watch itself is in perfect condition! The moment i opened it i was amazed at how the quality and the movement is top notch!

Using this mod part for: SKX013
Bell & Ross Homage

High quality case + big bang bezel. Would definitely buy from LA again

Using this mod part for: Skx013
Lucius Atelier gives the people what they want!

I’ve been waiting for a sub styled 38mm case for years and they have just gone and done it. The finish looks great and the best thing about it, it’s compatible with all seiko skx013 parts.
Shipping arrived super fast within a few days

Using this mod part for: SKX013
SKX013 Case

Arrived in super quick time 😊Just unpacked it. Really pleased looks great.

Using this mod part for: Skx013
First skx013 case (nh)

Love this stunning case and it works great with the big bang bezel. Highly recommended for people who like to have a smaller sized watch.

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