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SKX007 The Submariner Bezel - Silver Mirror Polished

Designed specifically for SKX007 and Seiko 5 SRPD/SRPE series. This is a popular bezel sporting an iconic submariner design and brings a unique visual appeal that is frequently observed in modern timepieces.

This submariner bezel is mirror polished in silver.

Pairs with:
  1. SKX007 Bezel Inserts
  2. SKX007 Sapphire Crystals

Made exclusively for us with quality assurance by ISO 9001 Certified manufacturers.


    1. Quality Swiss Production Quality, ISO 9001 Certified
    2. Material 316L Stainless Steel
    3. Surface Design Submariner
    4. Surface Finish Mirror Polished
    5. Colour Silver
    6. Fit Type Snap-based (Removable)
    7. Gasket Rubber (Included and installed)
    8. Fit Models 7S26-0020 watch case (such as SKX007, SKX009, SKX011) and 4R36-07G0 watch cases (such as Seiko 5 SRPD/SRPE Series - SRPD51, SRPD57, SPRD63, SRPD76, SRPD77, SRPD79, more)
    1. 1x Bezel

    All photos of watches with modification parts are for illustration purposes only and are not included with modification parts purchased.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews

Absolutely perfect!

stuart c. (Basingstoke, GB)
Using this mod part for: SKX007
Great quality

Really nice quality bezel, great service and fast delivery!

Jonas A. (Gothenburg, SE)
Using this mod part for: SKX007
The best SKX sub bezel out there?

Cheaper bezels sometimes lack the notches on the back of the bezel meaning they don't click when turned. The description of this bezel fails to mention this, but I can confirm that it does in fact have the notches.

The turning action is nice and smooth on my original SKX case without any fiddling. Cheaper bezels can often be too tight or loose requiring different sized o-rings, lubrication, etc.

Unlike most SKX sub bezels, this one has nice and sharp scallops. Functionally this gives it better grip and aesthetically it looks more premium. Cheaper bezels are often over-polished, dulling the edges of the scallops.

I have one improvement suggestions:
Decrease the height. Real sub bezels are significantly thinner. I don't know how much thinner it can be made while still fitting the SKX case, but you could at least increase the size of the bottom chamfer making the side profile appear thinner. Perhaps make the scallops deeper?

Johan A. (Trollhättan, SE)
Using this mod part for: Skx009

Super quality and fast shipping! I also got a FREE coin sege bezel! Adriel is the best and really take care of his costumers.

Marty K. (Newnan, US)
Using this mod part for: Submariner build
Fantastic quality

Ordered this part and then later realized that I didn't need it. However, I'll definitely use it in a future build. The quality is top notch and shipping was quick. Fantastic customer service!

Owen (Murrumbeena, AU)
Using this mod part for: SKX007
Perfect fit

Really nice quality, ideal for any submariner build.

EDav97 (Clapham, GB)
Using this mod part for: SKX007
Sub bezel

Took a few attempts to get it fitted properly but once done correctly the action is smooth and satisfying

Nam H. (Osan, KR)
Using this mod part for: Skx007
Nice bezel

Just perfect shining and nice shape

Jos (Singapore, SG)
Using this mod part for: Skx007

It's a must to get if you are modding to submariner

Jon P. (Coalville, GB)
Using this mod part for: SKX007
Buy with confidence!

Seen several other Sub style bezels and this is among the best of them. Superb finish and clearly a high quality item Also very impressed at LA's speed of delivery. As any modder will know, waiting for parts is a pain but LA get the job done real quick at a reasonable price. 3 days to the UK - Thanks also to Adriel for the hand written thank you note in the parcel... great customer service. Just placed another order with you.. :)