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Assemble Diver Watch Case

Assemble diver watch case.

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Randall C. (Spring Hill, US)
GS style gmt build

I have just received my watch so I can't commit on durability, but the finishing on the case is as nice as a higher end Seiko or Citizen watch. I am impressed with the watch quality overall not perfect but for the price it is darn close and I would have them build me another watch again. The hour and minute hands line up perfect with the indices and the gmt hand darn near perfect. This is my first time having a watch built, and it has exceeded my expectations. The only real flaw was I made the wrong choice for the charter ring. So if you are hesitant on building a watch with Lucius Atelier don't be just throughly go over your options and go for it.
P.S. I have order a new charter ring from Lucius Atelier and I am going to try my hand at installing it. I'm just getting into the mod watches and I hope I don't mess up the good job they have done for me, but want to learn how to work on them myself, so here's hoping!

Nick (Melbourne, US)
Using this mod part for: SKX013
Custom SKX013 NH34 GMT build

I am very happy with the experience I’ve had through this shop. I’ve been on the fence for a long time about buying a new seiko and modding it myself, and after a lot of research I decided to pull the plug on having a custom watch built for me. I was pretty impressed with this shops catelog of parts, as I was looking to build a smaller watch based on the SKX013 platform with GMT function. I was sold when they offered a 36mm case that could fit the NH34 movement, along with proper GMT 24 hour bezel inserts that fit the SKX013 bezels. I decided to go with the Root Beer GMT bezel, and in person it has a very nice and unique deep bronze color to it in sunlight.

The service was extremely quick when I placed the order online (within a business day), I was initially worried they might have forgot to assemble the watch. Shipping wasn’t too long, as it did have to cross the whole Pacific Ocean and continental United States (I live in Florida). The watch was packaged very well, and it turned out much better than I had hoped.

I configured this watch to be a practical tool watch for my career in aviation, as the GMT function is perfect for keeping track of Zulu time, and the rotating GMT bezel is good for if I need to keep track of my arrival destination local time if in another time zone. I also chose their brightest BGW9-A superluminova for the dial and hands, and I must say when charged they will last the whole night and is very easy to read as I am either flying before the sun rises or long after the sun has set. The accuracy of the movement has exceeded what they guaranteed for the optional regulated movement, as within the first 5 days of continuous wear it had only gained about 12 seconds. The presidential clasp, **** down knurled crown, and coin edge bezel movement all have great fit and finish as well, no complaints as of yet. Again, I am super happy with this product, as it turned out not to be just a tool watch but a real looker too! Thanks Adriel for the amazing service and craftsmanship!

Paul J. (London, GB)
Using this mod part for: SKX007

I had a complete diver constructed from scratch, so totally unique to me. All the parts are top notch and some really unusual faces - I went for the Seigaiha with polished blue Breguet hands with all other parts highly polished steel, result is unusual and stunning. Watch was also assembled for me by Adriel who did a first class job and sorted out delivery issues my end (nothing to do with him, local issues with drivers). All in all, great parts, quality, designs and top notch service. Can thoroughly recommend and will be back for more myself.

Reinhold F. (Manila, PH)
Using this mod part for: Skx013
Assembled SKX013

Build was perfect, dial is lovely honestly i cant say anymore except it looks great!