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GS Watch Case - 36mm

Caseback (Fits Movement Types)

Important Note: In order for bracelet to be universally compatible with our oyster bracelet, final GS case will NOT have drilled through lug holes. The blue protector film on the crown is removable. Photos will be updated after the new year. Thank you.

ONLY 4 main components are needed to complete a watch.
Watch Case
Movement Holder (optional)
Tweezer (optional)


  • For the watch case, select your (1) Case, then (2) Bracelet (optional), and lastly (3) Caseback (To fit different types of movements).
  • For a complete watch, select your (4) Dial, (5) Hands and (6) Movement.
  • To have watch assembled, select (7) Assemble Watch. Please note that assembling the entire timepiece requires 2 to 5 business days prior to shipping.

Engineered by us and made exclusively for us with quality assurance by ISO 9001 Certified manufacturers.


The First and Exceedingly High Quality GS Case designed after Limited Edition Grand Seiko SLGH003!

Comes complete with double domed clear AR sapphire, caseback (solid or sapphire), screw down crown with optional solid brushed oyster bracelet.

Designed to fit all of our dials (28.5mm) and original NH movements (grey dial holding spacer). Additionally, case has ability to fit ETA2824/SW200/SW260 and ETA2893/SW330 movements. Special spacer and caseback provided.

The bracelet clasp is also designed to have micro-adjustment without the need for removing or adding links.

Watch case has a water resistant of 200m.

This watch case is 36mm.
For 39mm, visit here
    1. Quality Swiss Production Quality, ISO 9001 Certified
    2. Case Material 316L Stainless Steel
    3. Case Diameter 36mm
    4. Case Thickness 12.5mm
    5. Bracelet Width 20mm taper to 18mm
    6. Lug to Lug 43mm
    7. Lug Width 20mm
    8. Crown Screw down
    9. Crystal Double Domed Sapphire with Clear Anti-Reflective Coating
    10. Crystal Size 29.5mm x 1.5mm x 3mm
    11. Water Resistant 200m / 20atm
    12. Fit Movements NH35, NH36, NH38, ETA2824, ETA2893, SW200, SW260, SW330
    1. 1x Watch Case (Inclusive of sapphire and crown)
    2. 1x Oyster Bracelet (Depends on selection)
    3. 1x NH Sapphire Caseback (Depends on selection)
    4. 1x ETA2824/SW200/SW260 Movement Spacer (Depends on selection)
    5. 1x ETA2893/SW330 Movement Spacer (Depends on selection)
    6. 1x ETA2824/SW200/SW260 Sapphire Caseback (Depends on selection)
    7. 1x ETA2893/SW330 Sapphire Caseback (Depends on selection)

    All photos of watches with modification parts are for illustration purposes only and are not included with modification parts purchased.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Andrew Wetmore (Surrey, CA)
Using this mod part for: NH36- based watch.
Perfectly executed case

I only received this case today and have already assembled a watch. The case is perfect. Clearly no shortcuts weee taken in the design of this case and it is built with attention to detail.

S.R. (East Hampton, US)
Love my GS-inspired build!

Combined the GS-style 36mm case, dauphine hands, and a NamokiMods Sakura Navy dial for this build which I really love.

Gnadai (Kihei, US)
Using this mod part for: Gs case
Amazing finishing

The case is very finely finished and very easily put together, it made a very beautiful watch for my wife. However as mentioned in other reviews the lug holes are drilled very close to the edge which concerns me on the durability of the lugs, so far so good. If I do have a problem I will edit this review. :)

Pranay Mantha (Brisbane, AU)
Using this mod part for: Aftermarket case and parts
GS case

I got the 36mm case and bracelet. The case is gorgeous. Just waiting on a special dial before I complete the build! The bracelet is okay - the fit with the case is precise, but I personally don't think the design works as qellt.

D.K.(.N. (Greenwich, GB)
Using this mod part for: Aftermarket GS36mm Case
Premium 36mm Case

I can without a doubt vouch how gorgeous this case is. Used this for Grand Seiko homage build. The brushing and polishing balance of this case is flawless for the 36mm. It appeared small when unbuilt, but once the dial And leather strap is put on, it perfectly on the wrist (my wrist is 6.75inch).

Would love to you a version #2 with fully polished bezel and brushed sides

비웅(Biung) 김(Kim) (Yangju, KR)
It's cool, but it's a bit disappointing.

I always wanted to have Grand Seiko.
I couldn't afford it, so I found this product and decided to make it into a White birch

I made it cheaper than I thought.
In many ways, it's a bit disappointing.
Overall, polishing and brushing are good,
Burr near the rug hole is too much.

It's my personal opinion.
I hope you pay more attention to the quality.
I think it would be nice if the price was cheaper.

Brendan T (Sydney, AU)
Using this mod part for: Costom
Fantastic GS Case

Wanted something besides divers, so this came up and I really like the finishing of the case overall. 36mm size suits my small wrist and happy with my purchase.
Thankyou very much Adriel for your great products.

A. (Whittier, US)
Using this mod part for: SNXA11
Salmon GS!!!

I absolutely love this case. The brushing is the best I’ve seen on seiko custom case. The bracelet on the other hand, you can tell attention to detail was missed here. All on the end links. I understand why though, to save cost and for the universality Between LA cases. But even though all this, the bracelet some how allows the case to showcase its dimensions. This has become my favorite custom Watch. @alonsinni

Clayton Crockett (New Orleans, US)
Awesome Case

Bought this case along with a lapis lazuli open heart dial and dauphine hands. Had to have this case soon as I saw them announced, and the style and build quality are wonderful. Lots of character compared to all of the explorer style 36mm cases out there. Highly recommend!

Eve Kinch (Regina, CA)
Using this mod part for: Custom build
Wonderful case!

The case is gorgeous and the 36mm size is super wearable. Very well done to the team at Lucius Atelier