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Terra Explorer Dial v2 - Enamel White

Swiss Lume


The Terra Explorer possesses a glossy white enamel finish that alludes opulence. A 3, 6 and 9 numerals aligned with the outer track indices to compose a visually wider watch face. Furthermore, the characteristic numerals are filled with either 100% Swiss Super-LumiNova® BGW9 Grade A or C3 Grade X1 emitting a long-lasting luminous glow.

Both BGW9 Grade A and C3 Grade X1 represent the MOST PREMIUM luminous pigments and HIGHEST grade on the market.

BGW9 glows blue in the dark while appearing white in daylight.
C3 glows green in the dark while appearing pale green in daylight.

For no minute marker variant, visit here
For enamel black variant, visit here

Made exclusively for us with quality assurance by ISO 9001 Certified manufacturers.


    1. Quality Swiss Production Quality, ISO 9001 Certified
    2. Dial Diameter 28.5mm
    3. Surface Finish Glossy White Enamel
    4. Beveled Indices Colour Polished/Mirror Silver
    5. Track Indices Colour Black
    6. Logo Colour Silver
    7. Lume Applied Inside beveled indices
    8. Lume Type 100% Swiss Made Super-LumiNova®
    9. BGW9 Lume Colour Blue (In the night), White (In the day)
    10. C3 Lume Colour Green (In the night), Pale Green (In the day)
    11. Lume Duration Up to 8 hours depending on charge
    12. Fit Crown Both 3 o'clock and 4 o'clock crown positions
      Each dial has 4 legs for either 3 o'clock or 4 o'clock crown positions. To fit either crown position movement, remove 2 legs accordingly by clipping/twisting off the legs.
    13. Fit Movements 7S26, 7S36, 4R15, 4R35, 6R15, NE15, NH25, NH26, NH35, NH36
    14. Fit Models SNK803, SNK805, SNK807, SNK809, SKX007, SKX009, SKX011, SKX013, SKX015, SKX017, SNZF15, SNZF17, SNZF19, SNZG13, SNZG15, SNZH55 and more
    15. SPECIAL To fit SKX013, SKX015, SKX017 models or 7S26-0030 cases - Must be paired with our customised SKX013 Chapter Rings
    1. 1x Watch Dial

    All photos of watches with modification parts are for illustration purposes only and are not included with modification parts purchased.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Nick O'Neill (Seattle, US)
Using this mod part for: SKX007
Terra Explorer V2

This is a very high quality dial. I love the applied indices and C3x1 lume. Shipping was extremely fast. Very pleased

Dave T (Watervliet, US)
Using this mod part for: Long Island Watch Islander ISL-01 (SKX007 Architecture)
Awesome Dial

Gorgeous white enamel finish. Flawless, perfectly applied indices. Attaching to movement and putting in case was easy. 100% worth the price.

Darren M. (Chicago, US)
Using this mod part for: Lucius Atelier 39mm black explorer case
Crisp enamel "inverted" explorer dial

Gorgeous dial, looks better in person than in pictures. Excellent lume.