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Explorer Watch Case - 36mm [ULTRA THIN EDITION]

Crown Signature

Engineered by us and made exclusively for us with quality assurance by ISO 9001 Certified manufacturers.


5 main components required to complete a watch.
Watch Case
Chapter Ring
Bracelet (optional)
Strap (optional)
Bridge & Rotor (optional)
Movement Holder (optional)
Tweezer (optional)


  • For the watch case, select your (1) Caseback (Solid or sapphire) and the type of (2) Crown you prefer (Browse here to see crown signature).
  • For a complete watch, select your (3) Dial, (4) Hands, (5) Chapter Ring and (6) Movement.
  • To add bracelet or strap, select your (6) Bracelet or Strap (optional).
  • To decorate movement, select your (7) Bridge and Rotor (optional).
  • To have watch assembled, select (8) Assemble Watch (optional). Please note that assembling the entire timepiece requires 2 to 5 business days prior to shipping.
Introducing the Ultra Thin Edition of the Explorer Watch Case, specially designed for NH Movements, boasting the slimmest profile possible!

With a mere 9.96mm thickness when utilizing a solid caseback, this 36mm watch case offers unparalleled sleekness and elegance. This is unprecedented given a NHxx movement is 7.59mm in thickness. Meaning that the sapphire, case and tolerance for hands add up to only 2.37mm!! It is thin, incredibly thin and without a doubt the thinnest watch case in the market for NH movement!!

Even with a sapphire caseback, the thickness is less than 11mm.

Included in the package are a flat double-sided coated clear AR sapphire, a choice between a solid or sapphire caseback, and a screw-down crown.

Crafted to accommodate all of our 28.5mm dials, SKX013 crowns, SKX013 chapter rings, and the original Type M NH movements.

When it comes to crown, 7mm offers a better grip over 6mm and knurled design has a better grip over coin edge. For the inquisitive, crown grip ranking: Knurled 7mm > Coin Edge 7mm > Knurled 6mm > Coin Edge 6mm. 7mm crowns will also look slimmer than 6mm even though they are the same thickness - an optical illusion similar to Müller-Lyer Illusions.

Choose your preferred bracelet from the dropdown list above or explore the options in the bracelet category .

The water resistance of this watch case reaches 50m, ensuring durability alongside its impressive design.

IMPORTANT: This case can ONLY fit TYPE M of NH35, NH36, NH38, NH70, NH71 and NH72 movement. TYPE L of these movements will NOT fit. Due to low tolerance/space between hands and sapphire, this case is ONLY recommended for professional watchmakers and highly skilled/experienced modders with great level of finesse.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Matt (New York, US)
Using this mod part for: LA 36mm thin explorer case + LA turquoise dial
Best 36mm explorer case

10mm thickness compared to 12 - 13 mm thickness is a very noticeable difference, especially for smaller 36mm watches. This is a really nice and well finished case.

Alexis D (Rouen, FR)
Using this mod part for: Atelier Lucius case
The ultimate 36mm explorer case

What an amazing case ! The best balance between thickness and case size. Perfect fit on my wrist. The crown with Seiko S is really nice too.

Anonymous (Stockholm, SE)
Using this mod part for: Explorer watch case - 36mm [ULTRA THIN EDITION]
First watch

I recently bought my first mechanical watch from Lucius Atelier. It arrived today and it is more beautiful than I ever dared imagine :)

Jonathan Hart (Welwyn Garden City, GB)
Using this mod part for: SKX007
Really nice case, already put into a new build.

It is exactly what I was looking for, a thinner case for a slimmer build. Goes together nicely

John (Detroit, US)
Using this mod part for: Custom L.A. build
Beautiful case

I haven't used it yet but the finishing is beautiful as always.