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July 26, 2019 1 min read

Yes, you read that right! 😎😎🤩🤩🤩

We are giving more love to SKX013. Literally! 😁😆 On top of introducing new coin edge bezel for SKX013, we are giving it away for free.

Objectively, this will promote wearing and showing our appreciation for SEIKO SKX013. We are actually giving several thousands of dollars away with this offer. Yes, we are crazy!!! 😂😂😂 Given this fact, this offer will be the one and only time. Only 200 coin edge bezels to give away.

So what are you waiting for! Get yours today before you have to pay for it!!


BUY ONE: SKX013 BGW9 Lumed Sapphire Bezel Insert

GET ONE FREE: SKX013 The Coin Edge Bezel - Silver Mirror Polished (NEW)

SKX013 The Coin Edge Bezel - Silver Mirror Polished - A SEIKO Mod Part by Lucius Atelier





SKX013 Coin Edge Bezel:

  • Scheduled to ship on 10th September 2019. Subject to change.

SKX013 BGW9 Lumed Sapphire Bezel Inserts:

  • Originally schedule to ship on 31st July 2019.
  • Has been delayed to 10th September 2019.
  • This would allow shipment of LSBI to be shipped together with CE Bezel.
  • Sincerely apologise for the delay.



  • All earlier pre-orders of LSBI will be entitled to this offer.
  • Buy 1 LSBI, GET 1 CE Bezel FREE
  • No limit to how many free bezels per customer
  • CE bezel is free for the first 200 pieces
  • While stock last!
  • How it works: Add LSBI & CE bezel to cart, checkout & pay.
    (Automatic discount)
  • Once CE bezel is out of stock, 200 pieces will have been given out.

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