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Custom Shell Cordovan Leather Strap

Shell Cordovan is known as one of the best leather available. Likewise, it is also one of the most expensive leather in the market. It comes from the hindquarters of horsehide, and because the fibres are packed so densely together, the leather that results from that is exceptionally durable and naturally resistant to water.

Our Shell Cordovan comes from Shinki Hikaku (新喜皮革) tannery in Japan. Typical of most shell cordovan, it has a high gloss finish. Unique to this tannery, the surface is highly uniform and immaculate, with a beautiful depth of colour. A leather outstandingly durable that it is likely to last as long as your mechanical timepiece!

Cognac Shell Cordovan on a Patek Philippe 5140J
The Best Top Quality Japanese Shell Cordovan Leather Strap on the market!!

Plus the Lowest Price for Bespoke Shell Cordovan you do not get anywhere else!!

Handmade by our leather artisans. Every stitch, every chisel and cut, all by hand.

We pushed the envelope and raised the bar of quality! We made what most people would not and only dream of, simply because it is expensive to produce.

We made all our shell cordovan straps Double-Side Shell Cordovan!! Doubling the amount of material required. In other words, we used Shell Cordovan for the lining as well instead of other common lining leather. The top is shell cordovan, the back is also shell cordovan. You do not get to see this anywhere. This will ensure that you get the maximum durability you can ever get your hands on.

Now available for bespoke / customisation.

Recommended Size For Your Wrist:
  • Wrist Size: 12.5cm to 15.0cm >>> Extra Small
  • Wrist Size: 14.5cm to 17.0cm >>> Small
  • Wrist Size: 16.5cm to 19.0cm >>> Medium
  • Wrist Size: 18.5cm to 21.0cm >>> Large
  • Wrist Size: 20.5cm to 23.0cm >>> Extra Large
*If you are in between sizes, opt for the bigger size. E.g. 16.8cm wrist size, Medium is recommended.
**Most common size worn is Medium. If you have a bigger wrist and requires different measurements, feel free to reach out to us.
    1. Leather Type Shell Cordovan
    2. Lug Width Customisable
    3. Buckle Finishing Polished
    4. Buckle Colour Silver or Gold
    5. Buckle Width 16mm
    6. Sizes [Long End/Short End] Customisable
    7. Strap Colour Customisable
    8. Strap Thickness 2.8mm
    9. Spring Bars Quick-release; Included
    10. Thread Colour Customisable
    1. 1x Watch Strap

    All photos of watches with modification parts are for illustration purposes only and are not included with modification parts purchased.

  • Recommended Mods With:

    1. Let your creativity run free.

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