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September 06, 2020 2 min read

Today's new releases have been long awaited.

  • 3 New Dials (Available Now)
  • 3 New Hands (Available Now)
  • 1 New Watch Case (Pre-order)




Submariner - Snowflake Edition

The first ever Snowflake dial from us. Plus the first ever BGW9 A Grade mod part - the highest grade and brightest Swiss BGW9 ever produced by Super-LumiNova®.

One of the hallmark of Grand Seiko's dial, Snowflake. A texture that is unmistakably rich in traditional Japanese culture.

Submariner Dial - Snowflake Edition - A SEIKO Mod Part by Lucius Atelier

After numerous months of prototyping and optimising the production processes, we were able to finally achieve our own unique and unprecedented snowflake dial that is unsurpassed in terms of quality. We honestly believe our snowflake dial ranks second only to Grand Seiko's themselves.

Without sparing any expense, these dials were decorated with silver polished applied indices filled with the highest grade luminous pigment - Swiss Super-LumiNova® BGW9 A Grade.

**Note: BGW9 A Grade is the highest grade ever produced by Super-LumiNova®. BGW9 X1 is non-existent. BGW9 A Grade luminous is remarkably brighter than Standard Grade. Henceforth, expect luminous differences when you pair with Standard Grade mod parts.








This is a classic Breguet Hands with a hint of avant garde design with silver mirror polished and a touch of blue along circular orbits.

A simple yet labour intensive process. The hour and minute hands are constructed of multiple parts pieced together on a micro scale. Likewise, the blue is applied onto the second hands with micro precision engineering method not easily achievable by hands. Among all our hands, this handset takes the crown in term of production difficulty.

Breguet Hands - A SEIKO Mod Part by Lucius Atelier

Breguet Hands - A SEIKO Mod Part by Lucius Atelier

The result is a luxurious handset that can easily transform any timepiece into a masterpiece.





Marine Master

For the SEIKO aficionado, this iconic Marine Master Hands, also known as MM Hands, requires no introduction. Aside from indicating the fourth dimension - time, the bold and solid structure of this handset commands presence on the wrist.

Marine Master Hands - BGW9 - Polished Silver - A SEIKO Mod Part by Lucius Atelier

Marine Master Hands - BGW9 - Polished Silver Red - A SEIKO Mod Part by Lucius Atelier

This handset have a mirror polished silver finish on the top and angled edges with a hint of red on the second hand. It is filled with 100% Swiss Super-LumiNova® BGW9 luminous pigment emitting a long-lasting blue glow.





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