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August 19, 2018 2 min read

What is Super-LumiNova BGW9? Swiss Super-LumiNova® BGW9 is a phosphorescent pigment, otherwise known as Lume, emits a blue glow in the dark when properly charged by either sunlight or artificial light. In a daylight condition, BGW9 is white in color.

Among the range of Super-LumiNova® colors, BGW9 ranked second in terms of relative brightness, while C3 comes in first. The relative brightness of BGW9 as compared to C3 is estimated to be 5% dimmer.

Given their similar brightness, the applications between C3 and BGW9 are generally limited to their aesthetic. With C3 being pale greenish yellow in daylight and light green glow in the dark.

Here is a chart showing brightest lume on the left to the weakest lume on the right. 

Relative Brightness Yield of Super-LumiNova® Colours Chart
Image 1. Chart on the relative brightness yield of Super-Luminova® Colours. Credit goes RC TRITEC

Unbeknownst to most, phosphorescent pigments come in Swiss and Non-Swiss versions. With Swiss luminous having a much higher cost and higher quality control. As compared to the Swiss origin, the Non-Swiss counterparts are lower in cost and bearing about half the luminous duration, i.e. 4 hours on a full charge. Interestingly, regardless of purchasing power and prior to purchase of the Swiss Super-Luminova® BGW9 from RC TRITEC, stringent qualifications of the manufacturer to achieve Swiss standard quality controls have to be met.

Here are examples of Seiko's Lumibrite & Swiss Super-LumiNova® BGW9 being on our dials . I have also added in Omega Speedmaster '57.

Image 2. Photo taken with Canon EOS M; No filter or image enhancement. 

Image 3. Photo taken with Canon EOS M; No filter or image enhancement.

Note: All six watches are taken with the same intensity, exposure and duration to artificial light.

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