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September 15, 2019 2 min read

The hand painted version of The Great Wave off Kanagawa dials was one of our most prestigious dial we ever made so far in collaboration with a distinguished artist.

Now that it is fully sold across the world. We would like to honour the first owners. Something that is going down the history of Lucius Atelier. And here, we are going to document it.

Additionally, the artist is extremely grateful and send his regards.

Thanks again everyone for your support!


01/36 Singapore Adriel / Lucius Atelier (New & Unused)
02/36 United Kingdom Chris Gillam / BM Watch Mods
03/36 United Kingdom Chris Gillam / BM Watch Mods
04/36 United States Nathan Goodrich / 4:44PM
05/36 United States Gene Yoo
06/36 United States Matthew Braccio
07/36 - -
08/36 Indonesia Anthony
09/36 United States Kaspar Keil
10/36 Vietnam Duc Nguyen
11/36 Canada Robert Leshgold
12/36 Singapore Wan Ismail Wan Nussin
13/36 United States Horacio Ramos
14/36 United States Patrick Morrissey
15/36 United States Jeffrey Eggleston
16/36 United States Joseph Calamia II
17/36 Philippines Wallace Medina
18/36 Norway Victor Olsen
19/36 United States Mel Hernandez
20/36 United Kingdom Stephen Humphreys
21/36 United States Darak Chen / LIV Watches
22/36 United Kingdom Ron Whyte
23/36 United States David Cumti
24/36 Hong Kong Yuguo Wu
25/36 China Kaiyu Chen
26/36 United Kingdom James Dowling
27/36 United States Linda Lou Kelley
28/36 Peru Daniel Higa
29/36 United States Christopher Delarco
30/36 United States Robyn Markland
31/36 United States Ryan Scocca
32/36 Singapore Mikol Chin
33/36 United States Roberto Rizo
34/36 United States Zwei Pe
35/36 Philippines Jeffrey Chua
36/36 Singapore TL Chung

*If you wish to have your name removed or abbreviated, please let me know.

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