ラピスラズリ ジェムストーン ダイヤル (日付なし)

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注: まず、この文字盤は真鍮の台座と脚のない純粋なラピスラズリです。したがって、ダイヤル/ムーブメントの向きを巧みに調整する必要があります。ムーブメントの文字盤保持スペーサーに正確に接着するための接着リングが含まれています。次に、ミニッツマーカーは接着剤で文字盤に優しく貼り付けられており、触れると剥がれてしまいます。この文字盤を扱うときは細心の注意を払い、分マーカーに触れないようにしてください。最後に、ケースとケースバックの間の文字盤のサンドイッチ効果により、ラピスラズリの宝石にひびが入る可能性があるため、ケースバックを締めすぎないように注意してください。このダイヤルの操作は難しいため、このダイヤルはプロの時計職人と、高度な技術を備えた高度な技術と経験を積んだ改造者にのみ推奨されます。

ISO 9001認定メーカーによる品質保証付きで当社専用に製造されています。


    1. 高品質のスイス生産品質、ISO 9001 認証取得
    2. 文字盤直径28.5mm
    3. 表面仕上げ本ラピスラズリ / ポリッシュ
    4. アプライド インデックス カラーミラーポリッシュシルバー
    5. ロゴカラー適用ポリッシュシルバー
    6. 自動カラー適用ポリッシュシルバー
    7. フィットリューズ3 時と 4 時の両方のリューズ位置
    8. 適合ムーブメント7S26、7S36、4R15、4R35、6R15、NE15、NH25、NH26、NH35、NH36、NH38、NH39
    9. 適合モデルSNK803、SNK805、SNK807、SNK809、SKX007、SKX009、SKX011、SKX013、SKX015、SKX017、SNZF15、SNZF17、SNZF19、SNZG13、SNZG15、SNZH55など
    10. 特別SKX013、SKX015、SKX017 モデルまたは 7S26-0030 ケースに適合するには、カスタマイズされたSKX013 チャプター リングと組み合わせる必要があります。
    1. 1x 時計ダイヤル


  • 推奨されるMOD:

    1. スイス スーパールミノバ® BGW9 針
    1. SEIKO 時計の文字盤と針を改造する方法に関する完全ガイド (写真とビデオ付き)

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Eric S. (Albuquerque, US)
Using this mod part for: Aftermarket seiko build
Great looking dial

Dial looks excellent in person, best value for a stone dial that I've been able to find

B. (Ostend, BE)
Using this mod part for: Explorer watch case - 36mm
Amazing watch and amazing service

Could not recommend this more. After contacting Adriel with some of my questions he answered them in a very short notice, helping me choose all the right options for my watch. I chose the option to let him assemble the watch since i don't know a lot about modding watches and the watch works like a charm. The dial is one of the most beautifull dials i have ever seen and in the right light it really pops. He even left me a little hand written card where he personally thanked me for the purchase. Sadly i can't write it down on a card but i definitely want to thank you for the beautifull watch Adriel :)


Thank you so much for all your help.
You were wonderful in dealing with our problems and made the transaction completely stress-free!

As a result, I assembled the watch immediately!
The belt has not arrived yet.
I'm sure you can tell from the results.
I will buy another one when I have enough money lol.

Good product!

But I'm sorry, I took the logo off 😄

(From japan)

J.M. (Gardendale, US)
Using this mod part for: Aftermarket Nautilus Case
Even Better Than Expected

I couldn't have asked for a better looking dial for my Nautilus build. The quality of the finish was excellent and the indices are set perfectly. Thanks Adriel!

D P.
Using this mod part for: L.A. built Explorer
Ultramarine greatness

39 mm Lucius Atelier case
LA Mercedes handset
LA Lapis Lazuli dial
Artiflex alligator strap

I'm floored by LA quality.

M.B. (Solana Beach, US)
Using this mod part for: Timex Field Post Solar
Very beautiful.

Real deal lapis lazuli! So cool to be able to mod a watch with this ancient semiprecious gem. I noticed light goes through it so I actually modded a solar timex watch. It works! The indices are delicate, there was two that were out of place, but Adriel sent replacement indices and it was easy to fix (thanks again). It is very delicate, mine did crack slightly but it’s hard to tell. Highly recommend giving it a try.

Dutch_watch_mod (. (Gemert, NL)
Using this mod part for: 36mm datejust homage
Lapis dial

Beatifull peace, but in the dial i recieved there is almost no gold. I understand each is unique, but i miss the raw natural effect. Shipment is super quick.


You definitely know nothing about the value of Lapis Lazuli and how they are graded. The so called gold is known as pyrite. The lesser calcite (white specks), the lesser pyrite (gold specks), the more expensive the lapis lazuli becomes. Lapis Lazuli is highly coveted for its deep blue colour, the best ones are without white and gold specks.

The piece in your hand is simply one of the highest quality lapis lazuli out there. If I nitpick and select the best ones, this piece you got would be sold more than double the listed price!! Now, if you prefer one with more pyrite (gold specks), please let me know! I am happy to swap you for a lower grade lapis!


M.S. (Dubai, AE)
Customer service highest I've ever seen

The team of Lucius was so responsive, helpful and friendly. Dials are beautiful. I'm very very happy

D P.
Using this mod part for: L.A. built Explorer
Gorgeous Ultramarine

Lucius Atelier /Adriel are so fantastic. My one of a kind Lapis dial is luxurious. Quality is superb. I had them build in the explorer case.

Adam (Perth, AU)
Great dial

Got a custom lapis watch made, really love it, great quality