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Pružinový nástroj se 4 extra hroty


Toto je nejlepší nástroj na pružinové tyče na trhu!
Podobně jako Bergeon 6111 Spring Bar Tool.

Navrženo s velkým koncem vidlice , který funguje zvláště dobře pro odstranění pryžových řemínků z potápěčských hodinek SEIKO, jako jsou SKX007 a SKX013, a hodinek s koženými řemínky. Druhý konec je oboustranný hrot: malá vidlice a zatlačovač kolíků . Malá vidlička funguje dobře k odstranění kovového náramku.

Všestrannost tohoto nástroje navíc umožňuje vyměnitelné konce. S extra 4 dodanými hroty můžete mít kombinaci libovolných dvou konců – velkých vidlic, malých vidlic a zatlačovačů kolíků, podle toho, který se často používá.

    1. Kvalita Vysoká kvalita
    2. Materiál Nerezová ocel 316L
    3. Barva Stříbrná
    1. 1x sada nářadí na pružinovou tyč (ocelové tělo + 3 velké hroty vidlic + 3 oboustranné hroty pro malé vidlice a kolíky)
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    1. Hodinky Straps

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Anonymous (Maringá, BR)
Very nice.

Excellent tool.

Kyle Sealy (Sydney, AU)
Using this mod part for: snk 803

Spring Bar Tool With 4 Extra Tips

Michael C (Denville, US)
Just as promised

Great spring bar tool

Christopher (Grovetown, US)
Spring Bar tool

Tool works great. It is manufactured well and comes with extra tips.

Armen Rizal Rahman (Singapore, SG)
Using this mod part for: Various
High quality spring bar at affordable price.

When I first received it I was initially disappointed. The tool looks exactly like the cheap spring bar tool that I got from China for much less. But then I started to handle it and I can tell the actual difference. The grooves of the handle and the heads are much deeper, making it easier to grip and change the pins with little effort. In comparison, I had to use an extra plier for Cheap China to get the pins to dislodge.

What is more important is that the fine tip fork end is definitely well made. I loss count how many fork tips I broken trying to change straps on my watches. But the notch on the fine tip fork end on this one is noticeably deeper, so I am not worried about it breaking off.

The only imperfection is that one of the fork tips that comes with it is slightly bent when it arrived. Doesn't affect functionality, though. And Adriel has graciously included extra replacements heads as well.

Thanks, Lucius Atelier!

Hey Rahman! Thank you so much for your comprehensive review and feedback. So glad it is working well for you. The large fork end is actually very useful for rubber and leather straps. Its edge has been sharpen so that it can lodge itself into the groove of the spring bar with ease. Additionally, I have taken your suggestion and have improve on packaging to prevent any damage to the pins during shipping. Now it will be less likely to get damaged during shipping. Thanks again!