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SEIKO 5 SNKK87 Nautical Explorer Mod #XXX458

Tyto SEIKO 5 SNKK87 jsou automatické samonatahovací mechanické hodinky s pouzdrem z nerezové oceli o průměru 38 mm modifikovaným (i) švýcarským ciferníkem BGW9 Nautical Explorer, (ii) švýcarskými BGW9 leštěnými stříbrnými širokými šípovými ručičkami, (iIi) plochým safírovým krystalem a (iv ) ikonický řemínek Nato v černé a šedé barvě s 5 pruhy.

Jedná se o upravené hodinky SEIKO připravené k odeslání.


Customer Reviews

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Pdarne93 (Bedford, US)
Using this mod part for: SNKK87
SNKK87 Nautical Explorer Watch

I was looking at different sites for mod parts so I could assemble my own watch, but I stumbled on Lucius Atelier where I found the Nautical Explorer Dial. I fell in love with the dial because of the great the pictures that were used to display it. Then I found out that the site also offered modified watches. I purchased the SNKK87 Nautical Explorer mod really quickly. It has a sapphire crystal, the case fit the dimensions I wanted, it had the exact dial and hands that I wanted. It ended up being a perfect storm. I just received the watch (2.16.19) after ordering it on 2.8.19. The shipping was a lot quicker than I expected, and the packaging was great for protecting the watch. It came with a handwritten thanks, a keychain flashlight, and the original metal bracelet (which I was not expecting at all, so that was great).

The whole experience was extremely professional, and I appreciate how convenient Adriel has made this. The modifications look great, and the service was perfect. The quality of the nato strap is exactly what I wanted (but the strap is a little short and doesn’t reach the second metal keeper; I have a 6.75 inch wrist). It’s just a preference thing to have extra strap to fold over into the keeper, but the fact that the watch comes with an extra strap at all is generous considering that the price of his watches are cheaper than purchasing all the parts and tools separately.

Thank you Adriel for the service you’re providing to Seiko fans. Please keep it up.

Wow, thanks for the amazing review!! I guess this piece found its rightful owner. *Two thumbs up* The nato strap was actually measured on my puny wrist. I completely forgotten about bigger wrist size individuals. An honest mistake. ^^; haha This will be fix in future. =) Thanks again bud! Seeing the joy in others, I will definitely continue to do my best and more!!